A beautiful book, 6" X 9," 110 contributors, 257 pages, all for $25. 

Please note that if you are a contributor you will be receiving one complimentary copy. As soon as the book is back from the printers all orders will be processed and mailed. 

Excerpt from the book:


“As an OPA board member, having read through these poems, I can attest to the quality of writing. I am amazed at the variety of subjects these poets have tackled. Some of the poems directly reflect the scourge of the virus in costs of human life and suffering. . . I also noticed that many of these poems
were celebrations, able to juxtapose the beauty of Nature surrounding us in a time of upheaval.”

Susan Morse, OPA Executive Board Member

During the pandemic we have all had ample time to write. In response to these unprecedented times the Oregon Poetry Association is publishing this Pandemic 2020 Anthology. All the poems are by OPA members. We are happy to present this stunning artistic and historic document.

While the pandemic raged, nature thrived. Spring burst into summer and wild animals roamed our backyards. We poets weeded our gardens, baked, tended our children, and wrote poetry. We observed our neighbors from afar, adjusting to the new social norms, not touching, and drawing cautious breaths behind our masks. We were lonely and fearful, furious with the slow lack of government response, though few of us reflected our frustration in our poetry.

A few months ago, wildfires swept through Oregon, burning some of our homes as well as entire communities. A pall of thick smoke blanketed our state, making it even more difficult to breathe. At the time of this publication, four hundred thousand Americans have lost their lives due to contagion. Poets in this anthology lost loved ones and wrote of their grief. We have suffered through a tumultuous political upheaval and yet we continue to write poetry.

Dale Champlin, Editor

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